Forever Original © 2016

Graphic Designer

Forever Original was created by Latravia Shelton in 2013. At age 13, she started her first business called "Butterfly Unique" and later on called it "Forever Original". At the time, she was dealing with being bullied and fitting in with her surroundings because she didn't want to embrace the eccentric mind she was originally given. The name "Forever Original" was an affirmation that she would be herself at all times no matter what the society thinks of her.

   Now she inspires everyone to follow their dreams by setting the message in different art designs and completing them in strange ways. 

  Each artwork was made by the seasons, feelings and personalities of other people. Multiple of the clients deal with depression, common diseases, and domestic violence that want to see themselves in a positive way through art. 

"This is my gift that I will spread throughout the world."